Markets and Services

While we are known for our heavy hauling capabilities in overdimensional freight, Bennett has developed expertise in the transport of freight for markets that require specialized Hazmat handling.

Whether hauling rocket boosters with highly explosive fuel elements or moving canisters of gunpowder for commercial ammunition production, our team has the experience you need. Our processes, equipment and certifications serve the following markets and more…


Privatized and government space operations rely on Bennett to transport high-value components over the road. Whether long-haul or short-haul, Bennett moves rocket, satellite and aeronautics components to and from assembly areas, launch sites and recovery facilities all over the US.

Bennett has a rich history of serving our country and the United States Government. We stand proud as one of only a handful of carriers approved to transport both Arms Ammunition and Explosives (AA&E) for the Department of Defense and Radioactive material for the United States Department of Energy. 

At Bennett, nothing is too heavy or too specialized. We don’t just think outside the box, we live there. If you need to ship items that won’t fit on standard flatbeds – even things that can’t fit in a single highway lane – we’re the ones to call for your heavy haul or specialized trucking needs.

Bennett Heavy and Specialized can transport all classes of hazardous materials and accommodate the most challenging logistics scenarios. From ammunition and explosives to nuclear fuel, and radioactive waste shipments, we have you covered.

Our experts coordinate complex and versatile transportation solutions for even the most complex short- or long-haul shipments, including over the road, intermodal/rail and international freight.

We don’t just deliver your products. We partner with you to analyze your domestic and global supply chain needs to develop an efficient, cost-effective solution that aligns with your competitive strategy. We have more than 40 years of experience reducing supply chain costs by improving efficiencies and getting the best freight rates for mid-sized businesses and Fortune 100 corporations. Bennett offers more experience, more services, and more stability. Whether you need non-asset-based freight, 3PL/4PL or complex project services, let us deliver more for you.

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Sensitive freight calls for oversight and 24/7 protection Commercial government contractors often move high value, one-of-a-kind freight that may be sensitive in nature. DOD-Compliant Processes and Security-Cleared Driver Teams – Bennett has over 15 years of experience providing TPS for US DOD related transports for the efficient, cost-effective, and secure distribution of classified and sensitive material. Our processes and security protocols are the top priority for this highly sensitive work, and our track record is proven through multiple National Defense Transportation Association (NDTA) Distinguished Service Awards from 2008 through 2019. 

Hazardous materials certified driver teams for standard or expedited runs

Bennett Heavy & Specialized is committed to transporting sensitive hazmat freight. Owner Operators and drivers within this division all hold hazardous materials endorsements and are qualified to move many different commodities falling into the hazmat classification. We transport all classes of hazardous materials.

Bennett Heavy & Specialized and its driving force fully comply with Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR) defined in the Code of Federal Regulations (49 CFR), parts 100-185 to safely transport sensitive hazmat freight. 

An extensive on-site hazmat training program is delivered to all drivers and they have continuous access through their Driver Portal to training modules that review their knowledge on placarding, security, permitting and regulations. Drivers also participate in monthly safety calls and quarterly mandatory safety meetings.

Arms, Ammunition, And Explosives

Secure Hazmat teams for ammunition or explosives shipments

While there are many carriers that can ship Hazmat, very few are certified by the Department of Defense’s Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) to transport ammunition and explosives.

Bennett Heavy & Specialized brings experienced, secure teams using a variety of equipment options to customers needing to ship explosives and munitions at all stages of manufacture. Our staff knows the right way to handle and transport the material as well providing you with options to get your freight to any destination on time. Whether a standard timeframe in a secured dry van, or an expedited shipment in a sprinter van or dromedary, you can count on Bennett.

Expedited Hazmat Transportation

When you need a shipment of sensitive hazmat freight shipped in a compressed timeframe, you need options. 

Bennett Heavy & Specialized dedicates drivers and equipment to get your shipment directly from origin to destination just in time. We offer sprinter vans, dedicated dry vans or dromedaries on expedited, non-stop time schedules that help you achieve your mission.

Throughout our company’s history, Bennett has partnered with customers to create specialized trucking solutions when nothing on the market meets their needs. 
Our heavy haul logistics experts are frequently called in to engineering meetings at the blueprint stage to consult on requirements to move new products over the road, preventing costly dimension and weight issues that drastically affect the cost of transport. 
Bennett can develop customized trailer configurations, and specific project mission teams that help complete these one-of-a-kind moves. We thrive on making the most complex shipments possible with these value-added services: 

    • Trailer fabrication and engineering 

    • Detailed transport plans 

    • Dedicated over-the-road transport teams 

    • Project and risk management